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Hey there mama, welcome to Merely Melissa. Is the chaos and randomness of life have you being pulled in all different directions? Are you looking for ways to make your days a little easier? Well then you have come to the right place! Homeschooling, homesteading, faith, wifehood, motherhood all that in a day’s work. There is never a dull moment to my crazy life, but getting back to a simple way of life with a bit more organization is my main goal. What can you expect from Merely Melissa? You can expect tips and tricks to everyday life randomness. Whether it be making a homeschool schedule work for you, preparing for  a winter storm on the homestead, dealing with chickens not laying, keeping faith in the most difficult trials, or the everyday messes that come with motherhood, you will get it all here! Our goal is to return to a more simple way of life utilizing our resources available, hunting, fishing, raising and growing our food, or making things from scratch like homemade pasta or bread. We strive to teach our children godly values while preparing them for the real world experiences. Our faith is a large part of who we are and while we may fail time and time again, God is always there to lift us back up, brush us off and tell us to try again. Motherhood comes with many challenges let’s be honest, it can get messy. But through all the messes we pick ourselves up and do the very best we can for our children. I am a to-do list, organization loving, a place for everything and everything in its place kind of gal. I love to can and make things from scratch and look forward to sharing my journey of simplicity with you!